On-Site Evaluation for Erosion and Sediment Control

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This evaluation is intended to assess the level of compliance with 327 IAC 15-5 (Rule 5). It is also intended to identify areas where additional measures may be required to control erosion and sedimentation. All practices recommended in this report should be evaluated as to their feasibility by a qualified individual, with structural practices designed by a qualified engineer.

All erosion and sediment control measures shall meet the design criteria, standards, and specifications outlined in the “Indiana Storm Water Quality Manual” or similar guidance documents.

* Denotes a required field

Project Information

Type of Evaluation*

Site Management

The following items have been evaluated and assigned a designation of:
S = Satisfactory - the item is currently in compliance,
M = Marginal - a concern has been identified; corrective action is strongly recommended to remain in compliance,
U = Unsatisfactory - a violation has been identified and the site is not in compliance; corrective action is required, or
NA = Not Applicable - does not apply at this stage of construction.
(1) Disturbed areas have been adequately protected with appropriate erosion and & sediment control measures*
(2) Appropriate perimeter sediment control measures have been implemented*
(3) Conveyance channels have been stabilized with appropriate erosion & sediment control measures*
(4) Erosion & sediment control measures are installed properly*
(5) Storm drain inlets have been adequately protected*
(6) Outlets have been adequately stabilized*
(7) Existing erosion & sediment control measures are being maintained*
(8) Public and private roadways are being kept clean of accumulated sediment or tracked soil*
(9) Erosion & sediment control measures have been installed and maintained on individual building sites*
(10) Construction entrance(s) have been properly constructed and maintained*
Site conditions present a high potential for off-site sedimentation*
There is evidence of off-site sedimentation*

Items to be corrected

Sediment Control Practice between construction and low-lying areas must be: 
Check the items below to be corrected: 
Check boxes for any seed and mulch areas to be corrected: 
Identify additional areas to be corrected: 
Place greater emphasis on erosion and sediment control on building sites; contractors, subcontractors, material vendors and others should be made aware of erosion and sediment control requirements. Appropriate perimeter sediment controls and stable construction entrances shall be utilized on all sites. Sediment tracked into the street shall be removed (do not flush with water) at the end of each workday.
Notification Requirements*
All of the above must be posted near the main entrance of the project site. For linear project sites, such as a pipeline or highway, the above must be posted in a publicly accessible location near the project field office. Notices must be maintained in a legible condition.
Self Inspection Requirements - A Qualified person must inspect all disturbed areas at least once every seven (7) calendar and, for sites which disturb greater than one (1) acres within 24 hours of the end of a storm that is 0.5 inches or greater. Inspection reports must be provided to the Town of Lowell within 48 hours of the date of the receipt of this report.
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