Trash & Recycling

Trash/Recycling Collection

The Lowell Town Council accepts bids for trash collection services each agreement term.  Bidding the town’s trash collection services as a whole rather than residents individually selecting contractors provides cost savings that can be passed on to residents (Economies of Scale).  The Town Council selects the contractor it feels is the most responsive and responsible bidder.  Lowell’s Utility Billing Department collects the monthly trash collection fees.  Fees are collected along with the monthly sanitary sewer collection fee.  Lowell is merely a third-party administrator of the trash collection program. 

Lowell’s current trash collection contractor is Republic Services.  The Trash is collected every Friday.  Recycling is collected every other Friday.  Questions regarding service can be directed to Republic Services at 219.310.2343  Questions regarding billing should be directed to the Lowell Utility Billing Department.


Tires/Electronics Recycling

The Lake County Solid Waste Management District has placed tire and electronics recycling facilities at the Lowell Street Department at 598 S Union Street.  Residents can drop off unwanted tires and electronics to be recycled during normal business hours.


Appliances/White Goods

 Large appliances and “white goods” are picked up by the Lowell Street Department on Fridays.  Residents should notify the Lowell Department of Public Works of the pickup by calling 219.696.7794.  The appliance should be placed at the end of their driveway before 8 am on Fridays.


Guidance Documents:

Trash/Recycling Pickup Schedule
Branch/Leaf Pickup Schedule
Branch and Leaf Pickup Zones
Listing of Pickup Sites for Solid Waste – List of materials that can be dropped off.